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MEDS VIA CANADA provides U.S. Residents with the opportunity to obtain many prescriptions and other medications for their personal use through our network of fully accredited Canadian pharmacies at substantial discounts. American citizens can save up to 80% on the cost of medicine by taking advantage of our government controlled prices on brand name pharmaceuticals and world-class generic drugs.


Meds Via Canada only supplies brand name and generic drugs made by multinational pharmaceutical manufacturers. In many cases those drugs are actually manufactured in US plants and shipped to us by Canadian branches of American parent companies. For your safety we attempt to supply your prescriptions in the original sealed containers from the manufacturer and we may therefore modify the quantities of your prescriptions to comply with this safety feature.

Keeping your safety in mind, we have independent physicians review your medical history, determine the suitability of your prescriptions, consult with your prescribing physician if necessary, and authorize your prescription so that it can be filled by our pharmacies.

We ship your medicine using Canada Post
Your medicine will be delivered by USPS
Our current shipping charge (in addition to the prescription price) is $15.00 USD per package shipped to one address in the Continental United States via Canada ExpressPost. This package may include several medications for yourself or even several medications for different members of your family as long as they are shipped at the same time and in the same package. You should expect new orders to arrive at your postal address within 21 days after we receive and verify all of your documents. Repeat orders are generally shipped out within 48 hours.

Most American drug insurance companies will accept receipts issued from a Canadian pharmacy, however, if you have a drug insurance plan, you should contact your insurance company first before ordering.

Check with your doctor / physician
You should advise your attending physician of your intent to use our services, let him or her know that we may be contacting them directly to verify or clarify any information to assist us in completing your prescription order, and ask them to write a new prescription for a 3 months supply with 3 repeats of all medications you are ordering from us. We require you to have been examined by a physician in the last 12 months and to be stabilized on your current medications for at least 30 days before ordering from us.

Our state-of-the-art prescription management system ensures you will be reminded about upcoming prescription repeats, while maintaining the safety of your personal information. We adhere to all HIPAA and PIPEDA privacy standards.

We carry all of the major drugs including:  Fosamax ,  Plavix ,  Lipitor ,  Actonel ,  Premarin ,  Celebrex ,  Evista ,  Nexium ,  Zoloft ,  Zocor ,  Lopresor ,  Tamiflu , ...
... and many others!

Call us today for a quote, at 1-866-MEDSVIA (1-866-633-7842)


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 Fosamax   Plavix 
 Lipitor   Actonel 
 Premarin   Celebrex 
 Evista   Nexium 
 Zoloft   Zocor 
 Lopresor   Synthroid 

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 Print and fill out this Customer Info & Consent Form   before your first order       Medicare Info 

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